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Navarre Collection Maintenance

European Oil Finishes are environmentally friendlyproducts developed from vegetable oils, and unleaded drying agents.

Aquamarijn is a product line manufactured by U.P.Quality and Environment b.v, - the leading Dutch manufacturer of naturaland waterborne floor finishes.

Why a Natural Oil Finish?

A Natural Oil Finish cannot be compared with today’smore popular acrylic coatings. These coatings protect the floor byforming a wear layer, in fact a plastic film on the surface of thefloor. To the contrary, natural oil finishes impregnate the wood fibersto harden them while not altering the natural beauty of the wood. Thisprocess makes the wood resistant to water and there is no visual film onthe surface.

Oiled floors look antique, and are distinguishable bytheir elegant patina. They are easy to care for and are repairable. Onlyregular applications of the Revol Maintenance Oil are necessary tonourish the wood and bring the luster back. Oiled floors look better asthey age.

Does the oil smell?

What you smell is the natural odor of linseed oil.Generally speaking this odor disappears quite rapidly. Natural oils drythrough oxidation, therefore it is important to provide sufficientventilation during the drying time.

Some of our floors in the Navarre Collection will have asmell coming out of the box since they are treated at the factory withprocesses that age the wood. Again the odor will dissipate over a shortperiod of time.

How often does the floor need to be recoated?

As always, this is a matter of the severity of trafficand amount of wear. Wear patterns can be restored as needed to blendwith the rest of the floor.

With normal use, in a home, it is expected to apply athin coat of the Revol Maintenance Oil once to twice a year for ultimateprotection and to conserve the best appearance. In a commercialenvironment with higher traffic, floors can be buffed with the Revol.Maintenance Oil on a monthly basis.

How do I repair a scratch?

We offer a very user friendly Repair Kit withinstructions for repairing light scratches in small areas. Deepscratches may be sanded down to an even surface with an abrading spongeor with sandpaper. After this, the surface is restored using the RevolMaintenance Oil.

What about stains?

Normal household spills and stains can be wiped cleanwith a damp cloth or a light sponge with some warm water and Clien -S-Intensive cleaner. When dry, rub with Maintenance Oil.

Will the floor be oily and sticky when I applythe Revol Maintenance Oil?

When applying the Revol Maintenance Oil, it is veryimportant to only use a small amount of oil and allow it to penetrateinto the wood. Any residue must be dried and removed.


The cloths and pads that are used for oiling must behandled very carefully. Oil saturated cloths can self ignitespontaneously by exothermic oxidation. Oxidation releases heat that mustbe discharged. We recommend letting the cloths to dry unfolded, to storethem in a closed container or immerse them in water.


After installation, the floor should be cleanedthoroughly with The Cien –Z- Floor Soap diluted in water.


1. Normal daily or weekly cleaning is done by vacuumingor dry mopping grit, dust etc.

2. In a bucket, Add ¾ cup of the Natural Floor Soap to 1gallon of warm water. Damp mop only. Make sure you rinse the cloth inanother bucket of clean water as you don’t want to reincorporate thedirt back onto the floor. After cleaning with Floor Soap athin nourishing and protective film layer is left on the floor. To prevent damagesnever use any other cleaner on your oiled floor.


When the floor becomes dull or start to show wearpatterns, it is time to apply a coat of REVOL Maintenance Oil. It issometimes not necessary to recoat the entire floor but only the affectedareas.

STEP 1 – Deep Cleaning with Clien –S- Intensive Cleaner

CLIEN-S is a very powerful, biodegradable vegetable soapintended for the intensive cleaning of oiled floors before applyingREVOL Maintenance Oil. DO NOT USE FORROUTINE CLEANING.

•Remove dust and loose dirt using a vacuum cleaner.

•Add approximately 3 cups of CLIEN-S per gallon ofwarm water.

•Use two buckets: one with the soap solution and onewith clean water to rinse the mop or floor cloth.

•Scrub the floor using a damp (not wet!) mop orfloor cloth.

•Remove the dissolved dirt. Rinse the cloth/mop regularly in clean warmwater and wring out thoroughly.

Once the floor has completely dried, you may begin anapplication of the Revol Maintenance Oil. Caution: If the floor has notcompletely dried, mildew could form in moisture trapped under the oil.We recommend to let the floor dry for several hours before theapplication of oil.

STEP 2 - Applying a new coat of REVOL Maintenance Oil

REVOL is a wood-nourishing, fast-drying natural oil,containing boiled linseed oil and tung oil. REVOL also contains thenatural thinners citrus oil and turpentine, which add cleaning qualitiesto this oil.

REVOL is eminently suitable to touch-up, re-oil andrenovate indoor floors that were treated with natural oil before.

• Only use REVOL on completely drysurfaces and after thorough cleaning with CLIEN-S.

•When oiling the floor, only use very little oil -oil should be in and not on the floor!

•When oiling tiny surfaces, sprinkle the oil onto acloth, rub in, and rub dry.

•When oiling larger surfaces (commercial areas) rub in with a buffer anda pad and rub dry with cotton cloths (see warning).

•After application, leave the floor to drythoroughly (six to eight hours), before walking on the floor.

•Wait at least a couple of days before cleaning the floor.


To remove shoe marks, and light stains, use a capful ofClien –S- Intensive Cleaner in a quart of water. Apply liberally ontothe area and scrub with a nylon brush or a scouring pad.

Wipe and let dry. Apply a small amount of RevolMaintenance Oil on a cloth and cover the area. Let dry and rub with apolishing cloth.

Deep scratches may be sanded down to an even surfacewith an abrading sponge or with sandpaper. After this, always restorethe surface using Revol Maintenance Oil.


Joints:Wood floor systems expand and contract in response to fluctuations intemperature and humidity. By controlling the environment, maintaining anadequate temperature and relative humidity, you will minimize thevisible effects of the seasonal contraction and expansion of your floor.In very dry climates, the use of a humidifier might be necessary.

Appearance:Oiled floors have a very different appearance from the ones the Americancustomer is used to. At times the floor can look dull and show marks.Over time, as applications of oil are repeated, the floors tend to lookbetter as they age and develop a rich patina.


You may protect your oiled floor by taking the followingprecautions:

To help eliminate fine particles of dirt/grit thatact like sandpaper and will scratch any floor, vacuum or sweep asneeded.

Spills should be wiped up immediately.

Use walk-off mats at entrance doors and infront of kitchen sink. Avoid rubber

backed or other non-ventilated mats or rugs.

In the kitchen, use a rug in front of the workingareas, such as the stove and sink, to prevent local premature wear.

Install proper protectors under “feet” offurniture. Furniture will require different types of protectors in orderto achieve maximum weight distribution. Resilient pads such as thosemade of felt, flexible rubber, and saucer-shaped plastic glides willwork for most furniture.

Caster wheeled chairs should have wide casters. Aprotective mat should be used under office chairs.

Maintain a minimum humidity level in the room. Ifnecessary, use a humidifier.

Never use tape or other adhesive products on thissurface.

Periodically check floor for signs ofwear. When visible, it is time to repair your floor with an applicationofRevol Maintenance Oil.

All Wood Floors In The Navarre Collection Are OfferedWith

A Lifetime Structural Manufacture Warranty.