Maintenance and Repair:

No special maintenance is required of Terramed.

For added protection in vulnerable areas, apply a sealer to a Terramed treated wall. Two coats are recommended for longer maintenance. Using a sprayer, apply the first coat as a fine mist and the second as a coarse mist.

If your wall becomes stained with something like coffee or wine, and the stain cannot be removed by lightly wetting the surface, the coating has to be removed and new coating has to be applied. Begin by dampening the area to be removed. Using a putty knife, remove the affected material. Mix up a small amount of Terramed and reapply following the original application method and blending in to the existing surface.

To change the original Terramed color, use a primer first and then paint with the color of your choice. Also, if you choose, Terramed can be removed with a steam machine or a water-spraying device. When wet, the coating can be removed with a flat trowel.