Terramed Natural Textured Wall Treatments

Environmentally friendly • Non-flammable
Hypoallergenic • Will not mildew
Easy to apply • Repairable

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Earth and clays have been prevalent in construction throughout the ages. These products of nature were adapted by combining elements, such as colors and minerals, to develop the first wall coatings. Through man's ability and creative genius, structures were transformed into warm, enjoyable living spaces.

Throughout the Mediterranean Plate, minerals such as quartz and kaolinite are at the origin of the ochreous earth. As for the range of colors, it remains today something of a mystery of nature, a process of evolution within the hills over millions of years.

The colors of the region are so rich and intense that it has been a source of inspiration for many artists. They are the colors of the earth, the sky, the flowers, and the sea, brilliantly illuminated like nowhere else in the world.

Terramed is a natural ochre plaster made of clays from the Mediterranean basin combined with sand and cellulose. Cellulose is added in order to slow the drying process and bind the clay and sand together.

One is able to achieve an effect that not only is beautiful but durable as well.

There is no addition of chemicals in the composition. Only natural pigments made from the ochre extracted from the quarries around Provence are added to enhance some of the naturally colored clays. Terramed is entirely authentic, environmentally sound and non-toxic.

Terramed is available in 9 colors popular in Mediterranean interiors. These colors come naturally from clays found throughout the Mediterranean Plate of Europe. It can be used for residential, commercial, or health care facilities, but is intended for indoor use only. Terramed comes in a dry form and combines with water. In a single process, Terramed is applied with a trowel over a primed substrate to a desired texture

Terramed is a textured wall treatment made in France, to recreate the ambiance of Mediterranean interiors. All natural, authentic, affordable, and easy to use, Terramed is the right treatment to achieve a certain refined style.


Adding straw, finely crushed shells, or small pebbles during the mixing stage, will result in a more rural or nautical or rustic wall surface.


There are many features of Terramed that you will find appealing.

100% Natural – Composed entirely of clay, sand, and cellulose.

Non-toxic – hypoallergenic, no chemicals added, non-abrasive to the skin.

Easy to Apply – Combine with water and trowel on to desired texture

Cost – Compares favorably to other wall texturing processes, plastering, faux finishes.

Simple maintenance – Terramed requires no special maintenance

Repairable – Surface can easily be patched with re-application of like material.

Redecorating – Down the road, Terramed is able to be replaced during redecorating---or simply paint over it for a new color

Flexible – Finish may be smooth or may be applied to achieve variety of textures.

Resistant – Terramed resists mold, mildew, pests, and is non-flammable.

Historically accurate – These colored clays have been used in construction for hundreds of years throughout the Mediterranean region

You can basically put terramed any place where you can put wall paper, with the exception of not being able to put it on the ceiling. It should also not be used outside.

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