Terramed Application

Mixing Terramed:

Terramed comes in dry form in 55-pound bags. Each bag covers approximately 100 square feet of surface, depending upon the thickness of application. Preparing Terramed is very easy. In a large container, using a pointing trowel or an electric paddle mixer, mix in proportions of approximately 7:1, product to water. There should be no lumps as the cellulose and clay absorb all the water. Allow mixture to stand 10 minutes before beginning to apply to your walls.


Tools needed for application include, pointing trowel, finishing trowel, and a synthetic sponge. In addition, to create special finishing effects, you may wish to have other implements on hand. Please see segment, Creating Special Effects.

Using the pointing trowel, place some mixture in the center of the finishing trowel. Holding the finishing trowel at a roughly 20-degree angle to the surface being covered, smooth Terramed over the wall. The entire surface should be coated approximately 1/16 to 1/8 thick.

Twenty-four hours after application, it is recommended to gently pass over the entire surface with a moist synthetic sponge to remove all particles loosely attached to the surface. Terramed will cure over time becoming stronger and stronger.

After waiting about half-an-hour, but not more than three hours, you may go back over Terramed to create a smooth or textured surface as desired. Please see segment, Creating Special Effects.

Terramed can also be applied to the ceiling. In order to do this, you would add more water to the mixture so that it thins it out more. Use a gentle touch to apply it to the ceiling. It is also recommended that you use protective eyewear to prevent small particles from going into your eyes during installation.

Creating Special Effects:

Additives Adding straw, finely crushed shells, or small pebbles during the mixing stage, will result in a more rural or nautical or rustic wall surface. Simply add a cup or two, but no more than 7% by volume, of your choice of additive to the mix and apply to your walls as usual. After waiting half-an-hour for Terramed to set, go over the surface with a damp sponge to reveal the added texture.

Layers It is possible to achieve interesting effects by layering one Terramed color over another. If applied over a layer that is still damp (half hour after application), the two colors may be blended with a sponge to create an old world effect.

Textures Using a smooth trowel, a notched trowel, a damp synthetic sponge, a stiff bristled brush, a wide-toothed comb, or any of a variety of tools, a creative person can experiment and come up with textures to meet individualized installation requirements. The smooth trowel can produce a smooth effect or, by digging in slightly, can result in a rustic application. A damp synthetic sponge, evenly wiped over the surface will give your surface a sandy texture.

Note: Please allow 24 hours to dry.