Natural Cork Decorative Wall Tile Installation Guidelines

You must read and understand these instructions completely before beginning installation. Responsibility for the suitability of cork Wall Tile or the adhesive for each individual case cannot be assumed by the manufacture or retailer since we have no influence on the installer’s proper application. Should an individual Wall Tile be doubtful as to appearance or dimension the installer should not use this piece. The manufacture will send a replacement in a timely manner.

Installation: It is important for cork to acclimate. Therefore, cartons of cork Wall Tiles should be stored out of their packaging at the job site for a minimum of 72-hours prior to installation. During storage and installation, maintain temperature and relative humidity to a level that is consistent to the conditions that will prevail when the building is occupied. Heating or air conditioning should be used for an appropriate length of time prior and during installation. With improper acclimation, tiles could expand or contract excessively after installation.

Cork is a natural product. Just like wood, cork tile will vary in shade or pattern definition. Cork is subject to the normal behavior of expansion during periods of high humidity and contraction during periods of low humidity (usually the heating season). With cork, visible signs of expansion and contraction can be kept to a minimum by stabilizing the building through temperature and humidity control, allowing for proper acclimatization of the product prior to installation, and priming the substrate with a compatible color (black or brown).

1. Substrate must be clean, smooth, and free of moisture. Substrate can be drywall, plywood, particleboard, cured dry concrete. Do not use over wallpaper.

2. Paint substrate a dark color closely approximating the color of Natural Cork Wall Tile being installed. Let paint completely dry. It is always a good idea to spot test for adhesion prior to installation.

3. If it is no the peel and stick: Wall tile adhesive must be used to install the wall tiles. If it is the peel an stick designs: Peel the paper barrier off back of each tile and install cork over the primed substrate. Tiles should be staggered: start on the first row with a full-size tile, the second row with a half-sized tile, and so on. For the best visual effect, measure the center point of the wall and start installing from the middle out. Do not apply too much pressure when placing the tiles so they may be repositioned if necessary. Firm pressure will cause the tiles to set permanently.

4. Once the whole area has been installed, roll cork with a wall roller to remove any air bubbles and insure a proper bond. Roll several times in every direction. Roll again a minimum of 12 hours after installation.

Finishing: Natural Cork Wall Tile is protected with a factory wax finish. No other finishing is required. Wall Tile cannot be stained.

Natural Cork Wall Tile Technical Specifications

Description: Natural cork wall tile for commercial or residential applications.