Natural Cork Flooring

The beauty, durability and stable properties of cork have been recognized throughout the centuries and if you are constructing a creative or an active space, cork is a pure material that neither outgases nor sheds micro-fibers thus improving indoor air quality. The acoustical properties of cork will also dampen sound creating a more intimate space. Cork's natural beauty is strikingly elegant and sophisticated while remaining reasonably priced.


Natural Cork Parquet Tiles: Commercial or residential use. 10 year limited manufacture warranty. Attached to sub-floor.
Natural Cork Earth & Classics Floating Floor: Earth And Classic Series. Commercial or residential use.5 coats of UV-cured acrylic finish which contains no volatile organic compounds. 15 year limited manufacture warranty. 1/2" thick. Lays on top of sub-floor. Can be used with the in floor radiant heat systems but not the screen type used for tile floors.

Natural Cork New Dimensions WIDE Tile Floating Flooring. 3 coats of anti scratch water base finish. High density cork. Sealed edges. Microban.

Natural Cork New Dimensions NARROW Planks Floating Flooring. 3 coats of anti scratch water base finish. High density cork. Sealed edges. Microban.

EcoCork Floating Flooring. 3 Coats of Matte Finish Acrylic. Sealed Edges. Microban.

Corkoleum - Linum meaning linen and Oleum meaning oil. Natural Lino Corkoleum is so durable it is resistant to some acids, grease, oil, solvents and even cigarette burns! LEED credits.

Cork Rolls - Underlayment: Cork underlayment, a lower density material, an economical and well performing alternative for sound insulation in building construction. Cork composition material, in rolls or sheets, is also the ideal underlayment for laminate flooring as it absorbs sound and provides resiliency. 1/4" thick is great for Bulletin Boards.

Cork Wall Tile - For ceilings and walls.

Cork Flooring Resources

Great in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the one room in the house where the person using it is almost always standing, frequently for long periods of time. A natural cork floor can literally be a great comfort to a chef or a homemaker who has been standing for an hour or so on a kitchen floor while working.

Used for over a century

Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water home in Western, PA, has cork floors.

The First Congregational Church in Chicago, IL installed their floor in 1890.

The Mayo Clinic & Plummer Building installed cork in the original building in 1912. Also installed additional cork in the 1940's, for a total of 300,000 square feet.

The Library of Congress

Offices of several Fortune 500 corporations and several churches and museums.

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