JointShield Technology

JointShield is a moisture protection system of the edges of the "GFIX" floating floor panels applied at the end of the manufacturing process.

People just want their cork floors to last forever!

With theJointShield technology, your cork or Corkoleum floor will wear better in spite of possible spills and frequent moppings. Permanent protection is achieved by the factory application of a moisture-repellent agent (paraffin-oil based) to the entire cross-section of the profile. The edges of the cork floor panels become completely sealed and watertight.

The combination ofJointShield impregnated joints and the high moisture resistant HDF core makes USFloors' floating floors the most durable in the industry.

Penetration of the protective sealant into the core board of the GFIX profile.

Difference between a GFIX edge protected with JOINTSHIELD and a standard competition joint when both where under water for 24 hours.

The distribution of the sealant is made by a Schiele VACUMAT LaminateCoat® system (

The VACUMAT® patented technology guarantees a constant and precise application of the necessary amount of moisture repellent agent to the cross-section of the GFIX profile.