Cork Underlayment - Rolls & Sheets

The natural choice for sound control underlayment. Cork contains millions of air-filled pockets per cubic inch. These air pockets compress under pressure, regaining their shape once pressure is removed thereby creating a gentle cushiony surface flooring material. With cork you are literally walking on air! This same characteristic is responsible for corks success as an acoustic insulation.

100% Cork Composition Roll and Flexicork Sheets can be used for: Used as an underlayment for ceramic tiles, wooden floors, and laminate floors like Pergo. The 1/4" thick cork is also used forbulletin boards and to help reduce noise. Forstress crack prevention of tile, it is recommended that you use the 1/8" thick cork underlayment rolls. For orders of more than 4 Pallets, please email us,, with the quantities to get a quote.

Customers pay the actual estimated shipping charges on these items. Because shipping charges vary widely, you can email us prior to ordering to get a quote, or we will email you after you order to find out if you would like to proceed with your order. Underlayment is sold in full rolls and cartons only only.

(NOTE: The underlayment does Not contain microban. We mention this because some customers want to make sure that it does not. This underlayment is made in Portugal. It does not come from China because the quality of the cork underlayment is much better from Portugal.

The cork underlayment can be used with radiant flooring, however, if there is metal, do not have the metal touch the underlayment directly. It may burn it. The water tubing is fine. If it is metal, you want to install the radiant heating system first, put a thin layer of cement over it and then put the underlayment on top of that.)

Thickness Cork Underlayment Rolls (available in full rolls only)Roll, 4' x 50' x 1/4" (200 sq. ft.) (6mm) (58 pounds),
$149Per Roll, (NU6LR)1/4"Pallet, 4' x 50' x 1/4" (2400 sq. ft.) (6mm),
$1,399.44Per Pallet = 12 rolls, (NU6LR12)1/4"Roll, 4' x 50' x 1/8" (200 sq. ft.) (3mm) (27 pounds),
$99Per Roll, (NU3LR)1/8"Pallet, 4' x 50' x 1/8" (4,000 sq. ft.) (3mm),
$1,239.00Per Pallet = 20 rolls, (NU3LR20)1/8"Flexicork - Cork Sheets (available in full cartons only)
(1 carton is 105 pounds)
(Limited to stock on hand)Carton, 3' x 2' x 1/4" (6mm) (52 Sheets Per Carton = 312 sq. ft.), $207 $243.10, Per Carton, (NFC8)1/4"Pallet, 3' x 2' x 1/4" (6mm) (520 Sheets Per Pallet = 3120 sq. ft.), $2,070 $1,722.24Per Pallet, (NFC810)1/4"Glue DownCork Underlayment Adhesive, 4 Gallons covers up to 400-550 sq. ft. Attaching the underlayment to the subfloor with this adhesive is only necessary if you plan on attaching the flooring above the underlayment to the underlayment. Determining this depends on what type of flooring you choose. For example, floating flooring would be laid on top of the underlayment and would not need to be attached but ceramic tile would need to be attached.4 Gallons: covers up to 400 square feet. $100$70 (N30GT400)Moisture Barrier Taylor MS Plus -
Adhesive with Moisture Barrier And Anti-Microbial

Product Description 3.5 gallons

As an adhesive - 280 sq. ft

As a moisture barrier - 120 square feet.

One-Step Trowel - $34.95 NOTE - When using Cork Underlaymentfor bulletin boards, please use cork underlayment that is 1/4" thick or more. Make sure to use pins that are less than this so that they will not damage the wall behind the cork. As an additional protection, you can also place a hard surface, such as wood, on the wall before putting the cork up to stop anything sharp from going through the wall.
NOTE - Cork underlayment is not recommended for use as the top layer of a floor. Our cork tiles and floating flooring have been designed specifically to be used as flooring. The cork underlayment is not dense enough to be used for the top of the floor. It would therefore not last very long. The cork underlayment works well under flooring or to use to make bulletin boards.

Cork Underlayment Specifications

Description Natural Cork underlayment for commercial and residential applications. Sizes Available in sheets and rolls of various sizes and thicknesses. Binder Resin of Polyurethane Base Composition of cork granules. Size 1-3. Density 190 Kg/m3 - 210 Kg/m3 (11.7lb/ft3 - 12.5 lb/ft3) Tensile Strength 5 - 8 Kgs/cm2 Recovery 75% Flexibility F5 Pass Floatation tests None after 3 hours immersion in boiling water. Thermal insulation 0.042 Kcal/m3 h0 C Acoustical ratings With Cork 6mm Ceramic Finish Wood Finish STC IIC STC IIC Concrete Slab 8" 58 60 56 62 Concrete Slab 6" 53 58 54 59 Concrete Slab 4"
and Steel Deck 60 64 60 65 Wood Joist Construction 54 59 54 60 Fire Behavior The underlayment is a fire inhibitor which neither spreads flame nor releases toxic gases on combustion. Dimensional Length & Width: +/-0.5mm
Thickness: +/-0.2mm

Cork is the perfect environmentally friendly flooring underlayment choice for sound reduction and stress crack protection under hardwood, laminate, ceramic and stone floors. It can also be used for wall coverings, bulletin boards, trivets, arts and crafts, etc.

Cork underlayment is not recommended to be used above radiant floor heating. Because of the way this specific product has been designed, the cork underlayment has insulating properties which may prevent the heat from the radiant floor heating system from entering the room.

*Prices are subject to change without notice. No free samples are available for cork flooring. However, you are welcome to purchase individual samples on this web site.Freight charts on the web site do not reflect actual shipping charges for the cork flooring. After orders are placed, a freight quote will be prepared and the customer will be asked if the freight costs are ok for all tile orders of over 10 cork tiles, or 5 floating floor tiles. Customers are responsible for all shipping costs. Adhesives and maintenance products are not returnable.