Natural Carpet Freight Quote Request
(Cut Carpet, Rugs & Custom Rugs)

This form is used to request a freight quote for our carpets. It is not an order form. If you would like to place an order, please click on either the prices of the carpets to add it to your shopping cart or use the Email. Thank you.

IMPORTANT DELIVERY INFORMATION: Deliveries of wall to wall carpet are by freight company. It is normally easier to deliver wall to wall carpet to the installers business and have them bring it to you when they install it. For residential deliveries, freight companies need to call ahead of time to set up a day and range of time for delivery. With residential addresses, if the freight company arrives without an appointment, you can tell them to come back after they schedule an appointment. Freight companies that deliver flooring do not normally take the carpet off the truck. If it a commercial address with a dock, they will back the truck up to the dock. If it is a residence, they will normally bring it to the curb.Freight companies that deliver carpet are not normally able to deliver it to the inside. They normally just deliver to the curb and the customer takes it from the truck to the inside. Sometimes, they will put it on your driveway or in your garage but it depends on the particular delivery person that delivers it. I'm sorry to say that we are not able to promise that this will happen because it depends entirely on the particular driver, the size of the truck delivering it, and the width of you street and driveway. Please make sure that you have planned to have people there to take the carpet from the curb to the inside ahead of time. Each carpet order is made to order and is custom made. Once it has been shipped, it cannot be canceled.

With the exception of the largest rugs, most of the rugs are normally shipped by Federal Express Ground. No appointment is made for these deliveries.