How To Accept A Freight Collect Order

This information mainly pertains to mattress and furniture orders only.

Freight Policy

Whenever signing for freight, always sign

The customer is then covered, even if the damages are later found inside the boxes.

Inspect the freight for visible damages such as holes in boxes, water damage, or anything else.

Contact us at once if there are any signs of damage.

There should not be any problems, but for your protection, when signing for freight for mattresses, furniture or flooring,always sign "SUBJECT TO INSPECTION" next to your signature. If possible, open boxes before the delivery person leaves. If any box looks damaged, please refuse the damaged box.

Thank you.

Customers are responsible for all shipping charges.

Common carrier trucks are usually very large and may NOT be able to deliver if:

The road is unpaved. An unpaved road, or if any road or driveway that is 10' of dirt or more. An uphill or narrow road, or if there are large trees with hanging branches that may obstruct the truck's path.

If there are stairs, is the stairway wide enough? If now, do we have to go through a balcony? How many flights of stairs and on what floor? All this information is needed and can impact the price quote and level of customer service and delivery.

In keeping with the high quality of service we provide our valued customer, EcoPlanet will assist in filing and negotiating all freight loss or damage claims on our products. The following guidelines will aid not only in the claim process, but will also allow for speedier replacement or credit adjustments.

When the freight is ready to be delivered, the customer should be notified by telephone, in advance, by the shipping company.


  1. Count the pieces received against the driver's delivery receipt.
  2. Note any discrepancies in writing on the delivery receipt. Be specific: identify or describe the missing item.
  3. Contact us at once. We can assist you with investigating and filing.


  1. Inspect freight BEFORE YOU SIGN. Freight drivers are professionals, however, they have a lot of stops to make and sometimes appear to be in a hurry. If you have any problems with a driver, notify us immediately. You will find his employee identification number at the bottom of your delivery receipt.
  2. Note on the freight bill any obvious damage at the time of delivery (i.e. box corners crushed, tears, rips, marks, etc.) Again, be specific and note exactly what is damaged.
  3. If you suspect internal damage, OPEN IMMEDIATELY!
  4. Even if no damaged goods is suspected, open the carton within 24 hours and make a thorough inspection.
  5. Hold all damaged goods and their packaging materials for inspection.
  6. Call us immediately so that we may assist you in the claims process.

Bear in mind that you are signing a legal document when you are signing the freight delivery receipt under the statement "received in good condition except as noted." EcoPlanet accepts no financial burden caused by failure to follow these guidelines. We will gladly assist in replacing damaged goods in a timely manner. By following these guidelines, we hope to keep our shipping problems to a minimum and can continue to offer you consistent, quality service.

Thank you!