Wool Carpets Can Help Purify The Air

Wool carpet actually purifies the air by absorbing pollutants, according to a recent study by the Wool Research of New Zealand (WRONZ).

Indoor air pollution is a growing concern to workers and employers who find themselves spending increasing time in sealed, climate-controlled buildings.

Pollutants -- potentially harmful gases emitted from building materials, adhesives, particle board and furnishings -- are sealed in with people.

WRONZ tested common air contaminants associated with health hazards. The research has revealed that wool carpets play a significant role in reducing the levels of certain indoor air contaminants, providing a natural and effective method of improving the health and comfort of those working indoors.

"Extensive testing was carried out to see what happened to the gases after the carpets absorbed them," explained Simon Causer, WRONZ scientist. "Even after the temperature of the carpet was raised (by underfloor heating), the wool did not release pollutant gases. Because gas particles become inextricably bonded to the wool molecules, no harmful effects occur after absorption, even during close contact with the carpet surface."

The capacity of wool carpets to absorb air contaminants is considerable and long-lasting. Scientists estimate that wool carpets can continue to purify air in a building for up to 30 years with re-emitting the pollutants.